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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Magical Moments of Mesorah XI: Reb Yeruchum Levovitz to Rav Wolbe

"I will never forget the Simchat Torah I spent with him [Reb Yeruchum Levovitz]. He gave an incredibly powerful inspirational talk. After each section of the discourse we sang "Happy is Israel!" He sang and danced with his hands spread upwards to heaven, with his disciples crowded below dancing across from him. At the end of the discourse he came down from the Aron Kodesh and began a dance which caused every eye to pour forth  with tears over the cascade of holy feelings. How wonderful was this image! Hundreds of disciples, among them giants of spirit themselves, dancing, crying and singing. Our master and teacher [Reb Yeruchum] himself said at this time: 'I do not know which is more precious to the Creator of the world - our Yom Kippur or our Simchat Torah!'"

Rav Wolbe, Adam BiKar, p. 28

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