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Friday, October 5, 2012

Life of Ascension

The Life of ascension
Is to run a walk of life
At an unsustainable pace
In an undefined space
A trek of blistering cold
A sprint of fiery rage
A slog through dark turmoil
A brawl with the physical
A war at all fronts
Verging collapse
Every second a choice
Every second alive
And yet when our legs are molten
And hearts filled with dread
We continue
Not for we are brave or strong
Simply because we must
Because we believe
Because we still breathe

-Mark Miwerds


Solomon P said...

Wow very inspiring. I tried searching for the poet and didnt find anything. Who is he?

Tom Galen said...

Absolutely beautiful

Yona said...

Mark is a good friend of mine - a young man with sensitivity and depth well beyond his years. I look forward to posting more of his poems in the future.