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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Heritage of Seeking

"I leave to my children, to those to whom my life had any value, only the desire to seek. Torah, the Written and Oral Law, are obligatory on all of us. It is my feeling that the way to G-d lies within that framework. There is, however, no guarantee that He will be found there. There is only the knowledge that He cannot be found elsewhere or outside this framework. Whether we find truth within this framework depends only on us.

"I leave, therefore, a heritage of only seeking; a willingness to probe, no matter what the cost or what the price. Stock or trite answers...[are] meaningless. Our generation is full of trite truisisms, slogans or sheer malarkey. Our young people are desperately seeking an approach to truth to a degree that it is almost bound to despair, despondence, and feeling of failure. The traditional approaches, the secularism of science included, are complete failures, in fact straitjackets on the human soul and imagination.

"Torah is open to the inquiry of the truth left in the human soul. Here and there I have shown some little directives. Generally we must seek and love to seek. We must seek to love if we ever learn what that word means."

-Excepted from the will of Rav Shloime Twerski, Ztz"l (as printed in Mishpacha Magazine, 277 (395))
See also here, here, and here. Compare with Vilna Gaon on Even Shleima 1:11

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Anonymous said...

The first paragraph is reminiscient of the Moreh Nevuchim 3:32 - Torah is not truth but rather the path that leads to truth.