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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mutually Shared Paranormal Experiences

“The day my mother died, my two brothers, my sister, my sister-in-paw and I were all in the room. My mother hadn’t spoken a word in several hours, and she as breathing in an irregular pattern. None of us were really upset because mother had been on a long downhill course and we knew this was the end.
“Suddenly, a bright light appeared I the room. My first thought was that a reflection was shining through the window from a vehicle passing by outside. Even as I thought that, however, I knew it wasn’t true, because this was not any kind of light on this earth. I nudged my sister to see if se saw it too, and when I looked at her, her eyes were a big as saucers. At the same time I saw my brother literally gasp. Everyone saw it together and for a little while we were frightened.
“Then my mother just expired and we all kind of breathed a big sigh of relief. At that moment, we saw vivid bright lights that seemed to gather around and shape up into…I don’t know what to call it except an entranceway. The lights looked a big like clouds, but that is only a comparison. We saw my mother lift up out of her body and go through that entranceway. Being by the entranceway, incidentally, was a feeling of complete joy. My brother called it a chorus of joyful feelings, and my sister heard beautiful music, although none of the rest of us did.
“I am originally from Virginia and my sister, brother and I agreed that entranceway was shaped something like the Natural Bride in the Shenandoah Valley. The lights were so vivid we had no choice but to tell our story to the hospice nurse. She listened and then told us that she knew of similar things happening and that it was not uncommon for the dying process to encompass people nearby.”
Raymond Moody, A Glimpse of Eternity, 14
“One of the most arresting paranormal experiences on the part of a group is on m8litary record, and occurred in Europe at 10:30 P.M on November 14, 1915, being witnessed by French, German, Russian, Italian and British troops. The International Red Cross become involved just before the scheduled execution of four French soldiers, among them a Sergeant Vaille and a Private Lacoste, who had been court-martialed for laying down their guns and walking back to their lines a that day and time, and who were pardoned when it was learned that many other groups of soldiers at widely varying locations had had the same experience, and that cowardice was not involved. The Red Cross relayed the evidence between enemy forces and was similarly instrumental in preventing German soldiers from being shot by firing squad. It finally turned out that many combatants had seen the phenomenon of an amazing light that appeared in the sky and that gave to all who saw it such an intense vision of happiness that, in a kind of trance state, they let their guns fall as meaningless and insignificant objects, and turned their backs on slaughtering each other, each group of men walking back to his own lines.
“The details of the French court martial, which originally gave a sentence of death (later revoked) are particularly revealing, even though the military court did not take them at first into account. The strange light made each of the four men so happy that they were transported into another state of consciousness. One mentioned feeling so much a part of everything hat he wanted to continue that way for a hundred years. To another of the group, the icy November air became warm and perfumed with incense, jasmine and tangerine, and he felt the exaltation of a cosmic love. Still another heard rapturous singing that made him turn to follow it. None of these four men was a coward. One of the accused, Sergeant Vaille, had previously been decorated with the croix-de-guerre for bravery.
“It then turned out – in time enough before the execution of the death sentence – that a British mortar unit in Flanders had had a similar experience, as did a Russian sentry on the Eastern front, an Italian infantry unit, and a German unit engaged in battle with the same French group from which the four soldiers came.”
Montague Ullman, Consciousness and Reality, pgs. 55-56
Back in the day when I was doing drugs, a friend and I were on some really strong LSD. We ended up across from the Mormon Tabernacle West in West L.A. (I believe that's the city).I noticed the statue at the top of huge church was turning, but I could tell it really was a rare hallucination. One of the only ones I ever had, in fact. It turned about 3/4 of the way around and then it was back to where it started, as if on a video loop. I never saw it turning back the other way, and it always went in the same direction.

After I surmised it thoroughly, I wondered to myself if my friend could see it, and exactly when I had that thought, he spoke up, saying that it looked like the statue was turning to him, even though he knew it really wasn't. I absolutely did not ask him if he could see it. He brought it up to me. I did not even hint that I was seeing anything out of the ordinary... and as I spoke to him about it, I did not mention that I was seeing it to, since I wanted to be as scientific about it, as possible. If anything, I was probably deceptive in that he probably thought by my questions, that I was not seeing it.

So, he tells me the statue is turning and I ask him to describe it. He tells me it is spinning to the left, which was the same way it was spinning for me. I even kind of led him to tell me something different from my hallucination. I asked, "So, it's spinning to the left, around and around?" He looked again and described that it went most of the way around, but before it got to a full turn, it
went back to where it started. I asked, "So it spins to the left most of the way, and then it spins back to right, back where it started, and keeps going back and forth?" He said, no. There was no spinning to the right. It just would be back there, without spinning right, and it kept doing that, nonstop. I said, that sounds like a video loop. He said, yes, video loop is a perfect description.

Then I told him that I was seeing the exact same thing. It seemed really cool to us, but not like earth shattering, or anything. My only regret is that I did not ask him to tell me the moment it looped back to the starting position. I really have no doubt that our vision was synched up exactly, but it would have been nice to verify it.
Excerpted from
“One night Joanne and her friend Toby participated in an extraordinary event. Spontaneously and together, they both experienced the fact that it is possible to connect with one another even while sleeping. Here is Joan’s version of their mutual dream:
I am inside an extremely large warehouse with a river rushing down the middle. It is a very long and narrow building – several miles long. The left wall of the building has cross-iron beams. Through them the sky can be seen. The ground outside is not in view, just the clouds below.
“Thousands of people are running in the same direction. They are rushing, but not panicked. I see my friend Ellen, and we move side by side for a while. Then I see Toby. He is moving with both of us, until he says he has to go to the bathroom. He opens a big green barn-type door to what looks like a closet. When he comes out, he tells us to look at the room. It has changed into a miraculous place with black and white marble floors and gold fixtures. The light inside is beautiful.
“The people begin to jump from the beams on the left. Some people fly and some will fall. Toby says that we should try it, too. Ellen and I are afraid we’ll fall and say so. Toby replies that we will fly because we can do whatever we want. He says he will go first and flies away. Ellen and I try flying. It works!’
“It was 1982. Both Joanne and Toby were working together at Eastern Michigan University. They discussed their corresponding dreams at work Joanne would begin a thought and Toby would finish it. They switched back and forth to complete the story…”
Linda Lane Magallon, Mutual Dreaming, 10-11

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