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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Honor of Channuka: Rav Kook on Art - Self-Revelation and Divine-Revelation

Painting by Yona

“Literature, painting, and sculpting are able to bring to fruition all the spiritual concepts engraved in the depths of the human spirit, and so long as one brush is missing, which is stored away in the depths of the spirit – which ponders and feels – but has not been realized, there is still an obligation on the purposeful work to realize it."
-Hamizrach (1903) p352-354

"The true talent of a visual artist, when he is at the peak of his
abilities – and especially one whose talent has been sanctified by the
Spirit of G-d – is to be able to see the depths of existence, both in
their physical and spiritual dimensions…."

-Ein Ayah, Berachot, volume 2, p. 263, article 30

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Adam B said...

Geshmak! You are awesome Yonah!

- Usher Nisanel