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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introducing a New Blog on Avodas Hashem (sorry, the link was down before)

“השגה” represents the intellectual grasp of any given idea, while “הויה” represents the incorporation of that idea into the person’s weltanschauung. Our goal is to merely discuss theoretical ideas and then return to our daily lives. We want to transform the ideas of the
Torah into a living Torah, a תורת חיים.
I would like to introduce a new blog written by two of my Rabbeim, two of my Chaverim, and myself, on Avodas Hashem. Entries will be inspired by the entire gamut of Machshava, Mussar, Chassidus, and even a little psychology.
All posts will be guided by יראת שמים, a desire for קרבת אלוקים and becoming a better עבד ה', a strict adherence to Halacha, including הלכות לשון הרע, a belief in גדלות האדם, both in oneself and all other people, and intellectual rigor.

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